Season 2, Episode #48~ Post-Thanksgiving

Blind Hog and Acorn had a full house the past week, and seven at the table for Thanksgiving! Visitors from Alberta, Canada and Texas, along with Badger and her beau for the holiday feasting.

Trips to see a couple goat ranches as well as a trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Acorn is happy with a clean house and fridge full of leftovers. Blind Hog already planning the next projects. Weather is going to be mild so that cannot be beat. End of November already? This is just crazy!

Season 2, Episode #47~ Thanksgiving Cleaning

Now that the 200′ underground electric project is competed and 220v is surging from the power pole to the new breaker box in the old goat barn, Blind Hog and Acorn have put their attention to domestic chores- cleaning the house in anticipation of out of state/country guests!

Sam checks out the filled trench

Yes, Old Frank is returning and this time Brain and Kate from Alberta, Canada will be with him. House needs to be tidied up, and that is all that is going to be said here about that.

Acorn is planning a simple Thanksgiving dinner- “just the facts, Ma’am…” Cranberry sauce was made ahead of time and canned into pint jars. Acorn will continue this trend, prepping as much ahead of time as possible.

Blind Hog has been Mr. Helpful and things should be all ready to roll when guest arrive Monday afternoon. Yeee haw!

Season 2, Episode #46~ Blind Hog has a Birthday, Acorn has a Cold…

A very busy week on the farm and nothing will stop the busy farmers… Not even sinus colds or 80th birthdays…

Blind Hog has the deed done; electric is in the conduit and in the nice trench, already hooked up to the main power box as well as the new breaker box in the old goat barn. Acorn has been a snotty thing, but has also been quite busy. Almost 40 new trees planted all around the yard- long leaf pine, Norway spruce, witch hazels and bald cypress.

Now to fill in the trench, complete the transition from 110V power supple to 220V but the farmers can do it. Gallons of chicken soup, full of “vit-ah-minns” and loaded with garlic, jalapenos and everything else from the fridge have been consumed and Acorn stewed those two roosters today- more soup to be made for tomorrow!

Acorn finally made the covers for the round bale feeders. Did not take any time at all, plus Sam was a big helper…

Season 2, Episode #45~ Trenching in the 220V Line

All the fun trenching in yet another new underground line, but this time a 220V from the power pole to the old goat barn. Blind Hog is more than halfway there. Good weather ahead too! If you want to see the video Acorn made with her singing the silly song, check out their Facebook Page for Blind Hog and Acorn.

Four mornings of starting temps in the low to mid 20’s. Will be pushing 70° by mid week they say, just in time for Blind Hog’s birthday.

Acorn found another good iron bit on walkies this morning. Guess you can call that “Antiques Road Show…” In a literal sense… Seeing how the gravel road has been in use for over 100 years, no telling how much iron is in there…

Season 2, Episode #44~Possible Aurora Tonight???

Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing all the usuals- moving the herd, got the last pasture clipped after grazing. Even picking up 8.44″ of rain for the month of October! Crazy!

Bees have been getting a bit of thick syrup to top their stores off for the winter. Garden has been cleaned of all eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes. Hard frost is on the way next week.

Acorn skewered one of those Cornish Cross chickens on the rotisserie for lunch… Delicious. Thanksgiving around the corner and the farmers are going to be having company- goat folk on a vagabond route. Frank, Brian and Kate will land at the farm for a week of f-u-n… Looking forward to it!

Will Blind Hog and Acorn see the Northern Lights tonight? They will certainly give it a shot, even if it means walking out to the hay barn at 11pm…

Season 2, Episode #43~Blind Hog and Acorn Go Out on the Town!

Hard-workin’ farmers do get to go to town and have fun every now and then, right? 

After mucking about with the walnuts, tending the livestock, feeding the new kitties, Blind Hog and Acorn headed to the Big City to see David Sedaris, live and in person.  3 Words?  “It was awesome!”  Acorn picked up a copy of his latest book, “A Carnival of Snackery” and had him sign it.  He did so while asking questions “Did you grow up on a farm?  Have you ever eaten horse?”

Even snagged a pint at a local micro-brewery beforehand. Like a real “date night!”

Acorn has future outings planned that involve new theatrical releases…  Dune, The French Dispatch…

A section of piss-poor fencing got replaced. Always fencing work to be done. 

Rain has been falling, 6.07″ for the month so far!  Hot damn and pass them cookies!

Season 2, Episode #42~ Winter is Coming, Prepare the Wood Stove!

Wood stove is prepped for the upcoming season- flue pipe cleaned, stove vacuumed out, glass windows washed.  Blind Hog rolled in a couple loads of firewood and Acorn will lay the first logs.

Blind Hog could talk for a whole show about how much he loves that Hearthstone wood stove- Acorn is surprised he passed up the opportunity.  Must be because of that tooth extraction he had the other day…

39F at  the farm this morning. Livestock are all fine, barn kitties hanging in there.  The calico who disappeared the first day has been sighted.  her name is now “Nessie,” because, you know..

David Sedaris is coming to Springfield next week.  Blind Hog and Acorn snagged free tickets, which BTW, were gone in 10 minutes.  Even Badger nabbed herself a pair!  Springfield Library must have got a grant or something to bring him here…  Show has been delayed/rescheduled 3x due to the pandemic. Fingers crossed that the stars will stay in alignment for Thursday night. The venue is small and he will stay at his signing table until the cows come home.

Season 2, Episode #41~ Not Bad, Not Bad…

-Garlic is popping up after a couple weeks post-planting.

-A couple heifers are on their way to Kentucky.  

-Log splitter quit but was easily repaired by neighbor mechanic Fred (float needle was fouled) and Blind Hog was able to get back into action. 

-A bit of rain fell as well,  2 -1/2″ so far this month.

-Sam got skunked but at least THIS time he killed the varmint.  Good boy, Sam.  One less polecat to spray  you!

Skunk is in the circle, Sam is trying to wipe the spray off his face…

It has been a pretty good week! Kittens are playful and Acorn rescued a wee friend…

Season 2, Episode #40~A Long Week…

Has it truly just been a week since Blind Hog and Acorn went to the art museum?   Sheesh!

Since then, the eight felines have arrived on the farm.  Kittens and cats in three barns.  Grow kitties grow, and take care of the rodents!

Blind Hog has been clipping fields, splitting firewood.  Even hoisted Acorn up in the front-end loader to assist in harvesting the oyster mushroom bonanza that appears along the driveway.

Rain has fallen, an inch so far.  Will take all that falls! Rain may help distract the three calves being weaned.  Was a loud couple of nights, but they are already getting better.

Goat boys will get new goat girls tomorrow.  Spreading that love around…

Season 2, Episode #39~Culture Day!

After a busy week of YET MORE FARM CHORES, Blind Hog and Acorn picked up the Badger in Springfield fora 2 hr drive to Arkansas- destination? The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art! Their 10th birthday retrospective with “collections” as the theme- was very well done.

After looking at arts, lunch had to be ‘et… Blind Hog, Acorn and the Badger had a great table while awaiting the day’s special- prime rib sliders with gouda and chef-made horseradish mayo… And maybe a pint as well to wash it all down with…

Blind Hog took down three large dead trees that were on the side of the hill along the driveway. They are all chunked into 6′ lengths for him to cut further and split. Mr Woodchuck keeps chucking that wood! Blind Hog tried out the hot tub after the repair guy did his magic and lo! It still relaxes after 15 years!

Acorn has been at the grounds with her string trimmer as her shoulders can attest. She is also working on continuing education credits for her super secret project- a new business she hopes will be ready to go live at the first of the year.

The delivery of the eight new barn cats/kittens has been delayed till next week. Just in case you have been wondering…