Episode #18~ It’s All Good…

Acorn thought she would be super tricksie and record an episode with Blind Hog and the Badger at lunch, only to later find that the recording was full of buzzes, snaps and feedback.  Nope!  So, Acorn sat down and did an off-the-cuff episode, best laid plans and all. Maybe next time.

Gutters are up on the dairy barn, trenches dug for the drainage lines and so it goes.  Don’t know why we are putting up gutters- has not rained in 2 weeks!  But it will, one day- and we will be ready!

Acorn is looking at tenor ukuleles, and after struggling mightily, found a vendor with big heart- TheUkeBug.com is a mom and pop store in Ohio.  Acorn called them up on Saturday and had a great chat with Barb.. Wonderful stock selection, Barb and Greg went over the top to help poor Acorn decide between two ukes- and at this writing, she still is not quite sure which one she’ll go for.  Find out next week! 

Episode #17~ Wrapping Up “So You Want to Start a Farm.”

Blind Hog and Acorn finish off their talk from last week about things to think about when you start up a farm, discuss predators that might be lurking about, firewood in the stacks, and ways to use surplus veggies. 

What did Acorn put in the dehydrator this time?

Yup.. cucumber slices, but cuke chips are pretty tasty and the seeds just a bit crunch for fun! Who knew?

Episode #16~ So You Want to Farm?

Galeux d’Eysines squash, curing in the pantry

Blind Hog and Acorn sit on the porch and record “en plein air” with the new shotgun/cardioid mic on the smartphone.  Surprise! It worked out quite well.  Even recorded in stereo!

Overkill or wise investment in safety? Thankfully we will never know!

Bullets from the episode on “helpful hints for starting a farm”:

  • Start as debt free as you can
  • Look into apprentice and internship opportunities
  • Read some Joel Salatin, and even the old Scott and Helen Nearing books
  • Fencing will and should always be a number one priority
  • Investigate different animals, breeds, as well as breeders
  • You do not buy breeding stock at the sale barn/auction house- that is where you take your problems
  • Safety equipment for animal handling is cheaper in the long run than a trip to the emergency room
  • Travel around the area you are thinking about farming, look at places- LOTS of places
  • Consider your (wholesale/retail) market opportunities
  • Building codes or property restrictions? Better fine out now than later!
Old chain grown into the limb is a great place to hang a solar lantern- with any old farm, you figure out hot to make things work.

Episode #15~ Old Things and New Skills

Big winds Saturday blew down the sunflowers- most 10-12′ tall! Acorn looked them over, might be able to dry on out if hung in the workshop.

Blind Hog and Acorn sorted through old boxes of books and found some unwanted lurkers- lots of Fun Facts about these critters- probably more than you want to know!

Brown recluse with violin marking on back

Acorn found a watermelon hiding in the garden and lo! It is ripe!

Acorn has picked up a new skill, learning to play the ukulele- so far so good… A year of Fender Play app access for 50% off?? Sweet deal and The Badger just happened to have left her ukulele here on the farm. Bonus!

Episode #14~ Blind Hog and Acorn Chat (while snapping beans.)

It has been a most busy week on the farm- bee hive check, cleaning out the chicken coop and mucking out the two goat barns. Blind Hog and Acorn are both two tired pups.

Never one to sit with idle hands, Acorn snaps the days’ haul of pole beans while she and Blind Hog talk about the week, the farm and past dining habits…


If Acorn is baking sourdough bread, you know for certain what they had for breakfast that day… Buckwheat sourdough waffles with the last cantaloupe of the garden…

Episode #13~ Fun Facts, Goat -911, Classical Art Memes

morning fog, burning off

The heat of summer continues, as does the workings of the pressure canner.  Blind Hog and Acorn just keep truckin’.

Spices arrive, goats depart- but not without a little drama first. Of course, we must have the drama.

Acorn shares fun animal facts, probably more than what you would like to know. Cannot say we didn’t warn you.

Astrophotography is harder than it looks.  Art museums are more fun with a smart ass, or two.  Or three.

Episode #12~ Middle of Summer

Lack of big rain has not hurt the elderberries too much, what has Acorn been doing with them?

The goats were treated to the forage behind the house, temporarily fenced off for their dining pleasure…

Blind Hog and Acorn hung the gutter on the porch and started a new project, which brought up memories of “The Nightmares of Livestock Transport.”

Trailering goats and cattle is never a dull moment.

Episode #11~ Jars, Jars, Jars

big girl canner

Acorn has been a canning fool! If it stays still long enough, she will plop it in a jar and pop a lid on! Garden bounty has been most wonderful and ratatouille has filled the shelves.

Goats have been checked and dewormed if needed, cow herd now combined back into one group. The comet has gone and rain finally arrived. Acorn talks about the garden, missing IKEA, why travel for this pair of farmers is best done in December, and about a special goaty friend.

Episode seems short but sweet- it has been a busy couple weeks and Blind Hog and Acorn are ready for an “easy day…” Wait? There are “easy days” on a farm?

Episode #10~ Blind Hog Takes a Break

This has been a killer week on the farm- working the goats (did a headcount and we have 100 exactly) more about THAT on the next podcast, weeding the garden, planting the Fall veggies, canning, cutting firewood. ALL THE CHORES!

Blind Hog came in for a break and Acorn set him down at the microphone. “A farmer’s work is never done…”

Not the exact truck from Blind Hog’s hometown, but pretty darn close!

Blind Hog talks about his Grandma Phifer and her garden when he was a kid back in the 1940’s and 50’s. She would trade eggs with the rolling store in exchange for dry goods and things she could not grow or make herself. Her older sister “Tennie” had married Rom Dodson in 1905. In 1913, Tennie died. Shortly thereafter, Grandma Phifer took her youngest child of eight (Blind Hog’s dad), left her husband, and moved in with “Uncle Rom.” They lived together for almost 50 years and never married. The more you know…

Episode #9~ Bread and Honey

What is better than sourdough bread and honey???

Acorn wants YOU to bake your own bread- sourdough bread to be exact and yes- it is just that easy. Think of it as a science experiment! No yeast is needed- just flour, water, salt and your sourdough starter. Here is Chef Roland’s recipe for catching your own wild sourdough starter, well-loved and stained from Acorn’s archives:

“After the starter is made, Chef’s flour and water proportions for making sourdough bread are similar to mine, but I use a wet hand to mix the dough, not a mixer, and his sourdough bread recipe calls for the addition of yeast, mine does not. I also bake the loaves in preheated Dutch ovens with the lids on at first. It is how the Acorn do.”

Want to pick up a nice, homey, French cookbook for your collection? You can contact/message Chef and Elaine through this link: https://www.facebook.com/La-Galette-Berrichonne-271761916263568/

Making a dough, working it into loaves, and baking the bread is truly a rewarding, multi-sensory experience. Whatever you do, do NOT cut into a loaf before it has cooled. If you understand the science of why grilled/roasted meat needs to rest for 20-30 minutes after cooking, then you will understand why bread must completely cool first before cutting. Moisture needs to slowly even out through the cooling bread, under the protection of the crust. Cutting into the hot bread releases too much moisture, changing the texture. Blehhh.

And what to do with the leftover starter/leaven you made the night before? Mix in a beaten egg and add another 100 grams of flour of your choice (all purpose, whole wheat, spelt or buckwheat) and a splash of milk. It’s Waffle Time!

Cookies you ask? Yes- BY ALL MEANS make the cookies dough but who says you have to bake it all at once? Save 2/3 or more back and freeze the dough!

Now that the bread is baked and cool, put some honey on a slice . As you enjoy the treat, think back at all the bee effort that goes into making that honey: