Season 3, Episode #22~ Fun with Friends!

Company from Baton Rouge have come and gone but in between Blind Hog and Acorn had a grand time.  Much fun was had by all, including a day trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, as well as their sister facility, The Momentary.

Goat kids have been weaned, with the exception of Little Helper’s 6 week old doeling.  Little Helper is in with the mob of kids, will act as a “trainer” for us, teaching the rest to come when we call.  The farmer s are working on dismantling the chicken tractor/mobile coop to transform it into a mobile goat feeder.

0.80″ of rain for the month, and it was 100F when we left to go to the Post Office.  Ground is powdery dry.  Boots throw up “poofs” of dust when you walk.

Cotton Patch geese are very happy, about adult size already. And look WHOOOOOO was watching when Blind Hog and Acorn went to the Post Office!

Season 3, Episode #21~ Company is Coming!

Blind Hog and Acorn have a most excellent reason for cleaning up the house and grounds- COMPANY IS COMING! Good friends from Baton Rouge on a road trip with a stop at SteelMeadow.

Otherwise, the garden is all planted, irrigation lines reset and all is good out there.

Yummy things have been baked (rhubarb pie and a quiche) and a pot of chicken soup is simmering.

Acorn made an awning for a couple windows, turned out pretty good. Back top last minute chores before the guests arrive!

Season 3, Episode #20~ Summer is Coming

National Weather Service forecast for the next two weeks will be above average temps and below average rain. WAY above and WAY below… Blind Hog and Acorn are not amused.

Calves are selling, goats are grazing and the bees need to be worked.

Blind Hog changed the oil in the big Mahindra, Acorn tended the goose yard and garden. Both were soaked with sweat today, and more to come!

At least the HVAC guy came last week and recharged the air conditioner. It is a geothermal unit, but still needs a bit of refrigerant. A bit…

Season 3, Episode #19~ The Last Calf

Calpurnia has had her last calf, which will in turn be the last to be born on the farm.  No more breeding cows, these last three geriatric girls have earned their retirement.

Chores have been done, fruit is ripening on the trees, and four bouncy calves grace the paddocks.

First batch of kids went to market, prices are holding.

Weather has been gorgeous, just enough rain to keep things green without any recent flooding.  Hot damn!

Season 3, Episode #18~ All the live long day…

Working working working...  Blind Hog and Acorn have been earning their bread labor since the rains decided to stop.  Full days outside working in the garden, brush hogging the fields. sorting goats, moving goslings around. Days being longer just means they just keep going

Lupine had her final calf, and after watching her push a few times with nothing to show for it, Acorn had to pull a “James Herriott” and reach inside (up to her armpit) to see what was the problem.  No front feet or nose, but a bum with back legs tucked under its body.  Acorn had to grab each back hoof and ease it out and when both feet were showing Lupine gave some mighty pushes and out plopped a lovely dun bull calf. Phew!

Garden is “getting there.”  Goslings love their new LARGE area and even “self loaded” into their night-time pen this evening. Only one cow left to calve, our dear Calpurnia.  She is bagging up, so it won’t be long.

Season 3, Episode #17~ Lil’ Honkers

Fred and Ethel are at their new home north of Springfield and Blind Hog and Acorn drove to Kansas to pick up six Cotton Patch geese/goslings. Much excitement, cannot wait to see how these goslings grow!

On top of that gardening, milking, blood moons, a new calf, and pasture maintenance have pretty much been the routine for the week.

Bee hive split has been made. Fingers crossed as timing seemed perfect! Three queen cells located and transported to the new hive. Will let the girls battle it out.

Footnote: Blind Hog drove to town to get gas and came back in the house waving a $20… “Guess what I found” he said but alas, he was just JOKING… Had Acorn about floored!

Season 3, Episode #16~ Safety First!

Has been an interesting few weeks to say the least.  Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing all the things, and with Acorn seemingly taking off (literally) every 5 -7 days, no wonder the garden is behind!

Good news is that the tomatoes and eggplants are out, cabbage, onions, broccoli etc all doing well.  Even saw some green strawberries!

The dawn redwood has transplanted just fine, and even the two ginkgo trees have leafed a bit.

Was storming up a treat during recording, hard to complain when May rain brings on great summer pastures…

And most important dear listeners, please get a fire extinguisher to keep in your car- you could save a life!

Season 3, Episode #15~ What Day is It?

Acorn has made four trips to Florida since February, and with only two nights at home between trips #3 and 4, she is more than a bit unsure of the calendar. But alas, farm life is definitely a routine that provides muscle memory, and back into the usual tasks she went.

Apple trees are loaded with blossoms, Asian pear also looked really good.  Garden and yard were both mowed.  Time to plant some veggies in the dirt- Asparagus is Rising! Hallelujah!

Pi’s bull calf is doing well.the other three cows will begin calving in another week and a half. Blind Hog set out the humming bird feeders and plopped some grape jelly in the special dish for the orioles.  He even hoisted Acorn up in the sky to hang the martin gourds and the purple martins are most appreciative.

Acorn needs to bake up some things for Blind Hog- a Bundt cake, brownies, cookie dough and a loaf of bread before she leaves again, like in 5 days. Sam would prefer she stay a bit longer…

Yet another podless weekend..

Sorry folks! Acorn had to fly away again for a few days and just returned home. Going to skip the pod today, fingers crossed your favorite farmers will be back by the microphones next weekend.

Good news! Blind Hog “woke up” the old Cub Cadet from winter slumber and is mowing the yard for the first time this year. 2-3″ of rain possible in the next 48 hrs so now is the tine to get this done.

A new calf was born just before Acorn caught her flight, little guy is doing well.

That about sums things up from the farm.