Episode #24~ Acorn’s Rant and Trying to Find Your Happy Place

Acorn has been busy cleaning the house after RAIN finally fell from the sky.  She also goes on a bit of a rant- wondering why folks just won’t wear masks. So frustrating.

Blind Hog has his work “cut out for him ” (pun intended) as a dead tree fell across the driveway, and thus he will get another cord or two added to the winter’s stash of firewood.

There is a 50/50 chance of podcast next week- depends if we can avoid contracting the Covid as poll workers on election day, plus Blind Hog’s birthday will be coming up.

Sunset was beautiful this last night of October.  House is getting cleaned- with or without Sam’s help, the bees are fed and the geese are happy.  As are we all. 

Episode #23~ Selling Goats and Cooking Pumpkins

Autumn morning on the farm

Today was the day to take the buck kids to market and the dairy buck also went to a new home where he will meet new Alpine dairy queens to call his own.  “Win-win,”  Acorn says.

Blind Hog pulled out another rotted post from the old goat barn, he and Acorn will put in the last new post in there- hopefully that will do it for barn repairs for the year.

Acorn has been cooking winter squash (aka pumpkin) and it appears on the menu 2-3x a day… Poor Blind Hog, he suffers so…  

Winter is approaching the farm.  Garden to be mulched over, new ginkgo trees to plant.  All the excitement!

Episode #22~ Red Flag Winds, “We are NOT Hoarders,” and Calving Magic”

Blind Hog and Acorn have a few minutes on the porch during strong winds.  It was a lovely day, just BLUSTERY! Episode #22 goes live October 18th.

Garden is changing over from summer garden to winter garden, the old goat barn gets yet MORE repair work.

Pi finally calved, a bit later than the rest.  Her heifer’s name is Ram. There is a Bible story in there, brought to you by the Badger.

Acorn has always wanted a dress form and found one, cheap!  Some taping, bracing, padding and voila!  Body Double! Blind Hog found a use for hurricane truss ties we have had for upteen years, ditto with the Acorn and her old thermal underwear…  “See, we knew they would come in handy!”

Episode #21~ Coffee Chat and Barn Repair Planning

On this dark morning, Acorn begins the podcast and is joined by the Blind Hog, coffee in hand. Has been a busy week doing barn repairs, and so much more to do.

Mars makes a nice appearance. Strawberries and raspberries also giving us a lovely red “end of the season” treat.

Episode #20~ A Week in Review

Blind Hog and Acorn sit on the porch while Sam has his supper and discuss the past week’s work. Acorn is not sure how many goat kids are running about, and Blind Hog was reminded to check the almanac before digging- taking note of the phases of the moon specifically!

Acorn also “virtually attended” a Podcasting Masterclass Workshop and learned some really cool things, some of which will help future Blind Hog and Acorn episodes; #haveaplan. Some times you cannot see the forest for the trees, and Acorn does want to stay focused. Don’t we all?

Black walnuts are up out of the yard and on their way to the huller. How much income will the duo make??? Good question. $16/cwt after hulling…

Mars was lovely so see, looked quite impressive. Jupiter and Saturn too were out and nicely visible. Will be cloudy the next few nights, not sure we will be able to take the telescope out.

Episode #19~ Work the Bees with the Acorn

Come out to the apiary with the Acorn and go through the four hives. You will be safe, no bee suit required HOWEVER if the incessant buzzing of bees will give you the willies, then you might want to skip this episode!

Acorn went through all four hives and found a few interesting things. You will learn a fun fact about what bees do when they are smoked and how the Acorn will feed them sugar. We do have a drought going on, after all…

No new pictures from this episode- could not record and take pictures at the same time! Acorn tried, will have to work on that for next time. These are pictures from earlier in July.

EDIT- I gave the wrong recipe for winter syrup. Is 2 lbs of sugar to 1 lb of water… 1:1 is “spring” syrup… Winter syrup is 2:1…

Episode #18~ It’s All Good…

Acorn thought she would be super tricksie and record an episode with Blind Hog and the Badger at lunch, only to later find that the recording was full of buzzes, snaps and feedback.  Nope!  So, Acorn sat down and did an off-the-cuff episode, best laid plans and all. Maybe next time.

Gutters are up on the dairy barn, trenches dug for the drainage lines and so it goes.  Don’t know why we are putting up gutters- has not rained in 2 weeks!  But it will, one day- and we will be ready!

Acorn is looking at tenor ukuleles, and after struggling mightily, found a vendor with big heart- TheUkeBug.com is a mom and pop store in Ohio.  Acorn called them up on Saturday and had a great chat with Barb.. Wonderful stock selection, Barb and Greg went over the top to help poor Acorn decide between two ukes- and at this writing, she still is not quite sure which one she’ll go for.  Find out next week! 

Episode #17~ Wrapping Up “So You Want to Start a Farm.”

Blind Hog and Acorn finish off their talk from last week about things to think about when you start up a farm, discuss predators that might be lurking about, firewood in the stacks, and ways to use surplus veggies. 

What did Acorn put in the dehydrator this time?

Yup.. cucumber slices, but cuke chips are pretty tasty and the seeds just a bit crunch for fun! Who knew?

Episode #16~ So You Want to Farm?

Galeux d’Eysines squash, curing in the pantry

Blind Hog and Acorn sit on the porch and record “en plein air” with the new shotgun/cardioid mic on the smartphone.  Surprise! It worked out quite well.  Even recorded in stereo!

Overkill or wise investment in safety? Thankfully we will never know!

Bullets from the episode on “helpful hints for starting a farm”:

  • Start as debt free as you can
  • Look into apprentice and internship opportunities
  • Read some Joel Salatin, and even the old Scott and Helen Nearing books
  • Fencing will and should always be a number one priority
  • Investigate different animals, breeds, as well as breeders
  • You do not buy breeding stock at the sale barn/auction house- that is where you take your problems
  • Safety equipment for animal handling is cheaper in the long run than a trip to the emergency room
  • Travel around the area you are thinking about farming, look at places- LOTS of places
  • Consider your (wholesale/retail) market opportunities
  • Building codes or property restrictions? Better fine out now than later!
Old chain grown into the limb is a great place to hang a solar lantern- with any old farm, you figure out hot to make things work.

Episode #15~ Old Things and New Skills

Big winds Saturday blew down the sunflowers- most 10-12′ tall! Acorn looked them over, might be able to dry on out if hung in the workshop.

Blind Hog and Acorn sorted through old boxes of books and found some unwanted lurkers- lots of Fun Facts about these critters- probably more than you want to know!

Brown recluse with violin marking on back

Acorn found a watermelon hiding in the garden and lo! It is ripe!

Acorn has picked up a new skill, learning to play the ukulele- so far so good… A year of Fender Play app access for 50% off?? Sweet deal and The Badger just happened to have left her ukulele here on the farm. Bonus!