Season 3, Episode #29~ Goats In, Goats Out

This week the farm brought in 4 adult Spanish nannies, one who was born on the farm 5 years ago. These were the last four goats of folks who started with SteelMeadow goats and got their herd up to 40, but they have decided to focus on cattle and making hay. The goats are calm, healthy, and will make great additions.

To end the week, Acorn sold the two Flappy sisters who were not suited as commercial, range goats- these two need to be pets.  Happily, a couple from 2 hrs away needed companions for their two little goats, so the Flappy Sisters lucked out big time.

Major roof issue discovered in the workshop- going to take a bit of engineering though to figure it out. A roof purlin has rotted out but only where some screws have been loose for 15 years or is it a condensation-drainage issue? Will have to find out more when it next rains.

Speaking of rain, the farm has received over 3.5″ of rain this month!  Pastures are greening up!

Old Frank and Brian are coming back tomorrow, their last visit was Thanksgiving. Fun times ahead!

Season 3, Episode #28~ Back on the Roof

The good news is that the farm received rain, bad news is that there are still a couple leaky spots on the roof but hopefully Blind Hog and Acorn are getting them figured out. A few more forays onto the sheet metal might be needed, but they will see how the next rain is handled.

Call received from folks who got goats from SteelMeadow YEARS ago, have a few they would like to sell back to the farm.  Blind Hog and Acorn will go over there later this afternoon to check them out. These people take excellent care of their livestock, so no big worries with health issues.

Other than that, rain did fall. New weather station is wonderful. Cows are enjoying the fresh grass , the goats get to go into the north 40 for their browse and Sam is getting morning walks again.

Season 3, Episode #27~ Attic Work, Kid Sales and Chicks-a-Poppin’

Yay!  Blind Hog got several things done this week- attic fan installed in one day, cows moved from west to east fields,  seventeen doelings sold to a single buyer, laying hen peeps purchased. 

AND Acorn is most excited about the livestock ultrasound device she can use to check goats for pregnancy.   No more guessing, waiting around.

Drought continues.  Fields had a bit of reprieve but 1/2 of rain does not make up for all the excessive temperatures and dry conditions.

That was one HUGE stick insect!

Next on the agenda is the “cleaning of the goat barns…”  Won’t THAT be fun?

Season #, Episode #26~ Acorn Returns, Back Into the Attic!

Acorn spent a few days at the Florida house repainting a couple rooms, fixing a few things, and being a general-all-around-handyman. Back at the farm, she and Blind Hog are back in the attic preparing to install a louvered gable vent and attic fan.  So exciting!

Was unusually cool today (upper 60’s) at the farm but the farmers did not complain. Being up in the attic was quite bearable!  Fingers crossed they can complete the project tomorrow. Sorry- no pictures this week

Season 3, Episode #25~ Up on the Rooooof

Our favorite farmers turned into roof repair techs this past week- hard to turn down an opportunity to save cash.  $1,400 repair estimate from one company, but when Blind Hog and Acorn could score the materials for $300?  Of course!  They did it themselves!  Good news is that the roof ridge has been replaced and should be (knock wood) waterproofed and leak proofed.

The bull Fintan, cow Sorcha and her bull calf went to Tennessee on Monday morning, happy that they will be well taken care of at their new home. That leaves SteelMeadow with three cow-calf pairs, the fewest head of Irish Dexters ever.

Bucklings born in March went to market today. Nice looking group of kids. Very pleased with these Savanna cross breeds- no matter the color or breed of the momma goat, all the kids look alike.

Sam nabbed a huge groundhog- this was not discussed in the podcast. What was discussed in detail was surgical castration of the two bull calves.

Season 3, Episode #23~ Mobile Kid Feeder

Acorn will once again be leaving Blind Hog to man the conn while she is gone to Florida to do estate things, namely selling the car.  He and Sam will be left with a fridge full of goodies, but NO black rice ramen noodles with crispy broccoli and ham.  Apparently Blind Hog was not impressed with that lunch..

Another project completed!  Blind Hog and Acorn dismantled the former “chicken tractor” and turned it into a sweet looking AND functional pellet feeder for the goat kids!  No jumping in the troughs, fouling the feeding area with goat pebbles or mud.  Is a bit crowded at feeding time, however half of the kids will be going to market at the end of the month-  the doelings will remain until they are sold when they have grown a bit more.

Weather is hot and dry at the farm, garden requires watering.  Been three weeks since the last time the lawn was mowed.  pastures now getting a bit brown and crispy.  Like uncut hay out there…

Your favorite podcasting farmers will be back on the air on the 18th.

Season 3, Episode #22~ Fun with Friends!

Company from Baton Rouge have come and gone but in between Blind Hog and Acorn had a grand time.  Much fun was had by all, including a day trip to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, as well as their sister facility, The Momentary.

Goat kids have been weaned, with the exception of Little Helper’s 6 week old doeling.  Little Helper is in with the mob of kids, will act as a “trainer” for us, teaching the rest to come when we call.  The farmer s are working on dismantling the chicken tractor/mobile coop to transform it into a mobile goat feeder.

0.80″ of rain for the month, and it was 100F when we left to go to the Post Office.  Ground is powdery dry.  Boots throw up “poofs” of dust when you walk.

Cotton Patch geese are very happy, about adult size already. And look WHOOOOOO was watching when Blind Hog and Acorn went to the Post Office!

Season 3, Episode #21~ Company is Coming!

Blind Hog and Acorn have a most excellent reason for cleaning up the house and grounds- COMPANY IS COMING! Good friends from Baton Rouge on a road trip with a stop at SteelMeadow.

Otherwise, the garden is all planted, irrigation lines reset and all is good out there.

Yummy things have been baked (rhubarb pie and a quiche) and a pot of chicken soup is simmering.

Acorn made an awning for a couple windows, turned out pretty good. Back top last minute chores before the guests arrive!

Season 3, Episode #20~ Summer is Coming

National Weather Service forecast for the next two weeks will be above average temps and below average rain. WAY above and WAY below… Blind Hog and Acorn are not amused.

Calves are selling, goats are grazing and the bees need to be worked.

Blind Hog changed the oil in the big Mahindra, Acorn tended the goose yard and garden. Both were soaked with sweat today, and more to come!

At least the HVAC guy came last week and recharged the air conditioner. It is a geothermal unit, but still needs a bit of refrigerant. A bit…

Season 3, Episode #19~ The Last Calf

Calpurnia has had her last calf, which will in turn be the last to be born on the farm.  No more breeding cows, these last three geriatric girls have earned their retirement.

Chores have been done, fruit is ripening on the trees, and four bouncy calves grace the paddocks.

First batch of kids went to market, prices are holding.

Weather has been gorgeous, just enough rain to keep things green without any recent flooding.  Hot damn!