Season 2, Episode #13~ Hatching Big Plans

Sunday’s podcast tells how Acorn is incubating all sorts of ideas to make farm dollars, literally and figuratively.  14 goose eggs are in an incubator, and 2 doz chicken eggs to go into the other. Plus, pending goat and heifer sales, let the good times roll!

Blind Hog continues progress working on the wall sculpture commission, so that is also most excellent.

Lacking only 5 more goats to kid, “piss or get off the pot!”  Acorn is getting a bit tired of waiting on the stragglers, but stragglers they are.  These girls must have just gone out of heat when the bucks went in, so you can figure 4 weeks after the first kids hit the ground, so there you go.

Has been a lovely first week of Spring, but wait- snow and subfreezing temps in the forecast in a few days. Always something…

Season 2, Episode #12~ Vernal Equinox

Podcast dropping 3/21/2021: First day of spring on the farm and how cold was it???  23F!!! Crazy!  Good news is that it will be warmer next couple weeks, so that will be helpful for the new baby goats- up to 41 total now- is a field of popping white kidlets out in the field.

Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing the usual chores, setting out hay, counting the kids.  Even started back on that sculpture friends Glen and Becky desire.  Acorn could not help giving Blind Hog a hard time about “studio help…”

Blind Hog’s new wall art

Pasture rotation will be more of a priority in 2021, keep the herds moving and make the most of the available forage.  The more you move, the better it is.  If you have the time of course and time is what we have plenty of.

Acorn up on her lookout deck at the hay barn

Season 2, Episode #11~ Kids-a-Poppin!

Acorn has been dusting off her caprine midwifery skills, Blind Hog has been Master Electrician.  As of now, 21 kids on the ground! Episode 11 airs Sunday morning, 3/14! Pi Day!

Bottle kids are cute, but not desired. They wrap around your ankles worse than cats.  A set of 3 lb twins born- will see if they will pull on through. Is almost time to give them another bit of colostrum- they cannot stand yet to nurse, so any assistance now will help them down the road.

Ethel the Goose has begun to lay- using her older eggs for baked goods.  Eventually she will go broody and hopefully hatch out some, but for now she lays lays lays...  20-40 perhaps!

Been working on one of the pickups to sell- is in the shop now as my initial fuel filter replacement was not quite enough

Time to go give the new kids a bit of bottle!

Season 2, Episode #10~ Old Fawn Kicks off the Next Kidding Cycle

Let the pigeons fly! 2021 Kidding, Round 2 has begun! Old Fawn, 10 yrs old popped out twins.

What more did Blind Hog and Acorn get up to this week? The usual chores, plus plumbing and electric repairs.

Tree seedlings from the Missouri Conservation Department

Weather is nice, but it turned out all the crazies in the Big City. Lawdy- all the wrecks, all the people. Shopping is not a delight but something to be done in the early weekday mornings- not on a Sunny Saturday afternoon!

Fresh goat milk is here again!

Season 2, Episode #9~ Sapped Out

The sap run was short and sweet!  Acorn figures it was actually a false run, brought on by the Polar Vortex.  Two weeks of below freezing temps forced the sap back down, and when the temps warmed up, up came the sap.  Good enough for two quarts total of finished syrup.  Impressive, especially if you think of the 40:1 sap to syrup ratio!

Goats in the dairy barn are all kidded out, now is kidding time for the commercial and Spanish goats.  The old goat barn has been prepped, all good to go.

Acorn had to get out of bed at 10:30 pm to eliminate a varmint in the hen house that killed another hen.  Sam got skunk sprayed.  Blind Hog got his first Fauchi Ouchie.  All in all, a typical week on the farm!

This year’s syrup haul… Not bad for our first attempt…

Season 2, Episode #8~ The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Polar Vortex is winding down, cold air receding, and temps actually creeping above freezing. Hot Damn! (Episode #8 goes live 2/21!)

Acorn did have time for a bit of fun- SNOWSHOEING to get the mail and take Sam for a walk down the road.

Blind Hog and Acorn have continued to soldier on- feeding the livestock, waiting for baby goats- expected and unexpected.

Callie has twins! Jackets only stayed on till the kids were dry.

Fortunate for running water and electricity, however plans are in the works for “yet more farm improvements…” There is always room to make things run better, smoother, and to be prepared for outages of one sort or another.

Yummy lunch of homegrown tomato soup and grilled cheese made with our own ingredients!

Good news about the increased temperatures is that trees were tapped today for syrup, and Acorn saw sap collecting in the jugs! Amazing! Boiling it down will only yield a few ounces, but OH! What a treat it will be!

Season 2m Episode #7~ Ohm’s Law, i.e. Resistance is Futile…

In for a few minutes…

The polar vortex is upon the farm.  Single digit highs, minus “whatevers”at night.  And snow…  And gusting north winds…   And yes, dairy kids being born!

Verdandi had twin bucklings, both weighing in over 10lbs each- which is pretty darn impressive. They need that size to help them get through the cold in the dairy barn. Acorn made Verdandi an insulated “goat fort.” Verdandi is pleased.

Blind Hog and Acorn have been trying their best to deal with electrical resistance, amperage, wattage calculations. Working on electric lines from the house to the dairy barn, at midnight, in the 5F cold is a great way to kick off Valentine’s Day…

Good news is that (knock wood) they have everything under control.  (knock wood louder…)

Acorn baked more brownies.  Why the hell not? Calories are being burned and two farmers need refueling!

Intrepid farmers will be tapping walnut trees by the end of the week- black walnut syrup is the goal. Spiles and tubing purchased, just need a day above freezing to drill the trees. It will get above freezing again, right?

Season 2, Episode #6~ Polar Vortex is Coming

Oy! Blind Hog and Acorn have readied the farm for the upcoming hard, deep freeze. One day might have highs in the single digits and lows? Minus whatever… Been there, done that- they know what they need to do.

Of course, the dairy goats might go into labor next week when the vortex settles in- let’s hope not!

Blind Hog has been Mr Electrician, wiring in the new receptacles for the welder and plasma cutter. Acorn has been busy doing other stuffs, including kidding pen set-up and freeze-proof watering for the geese, chickens, goats and cows. All is ready!

Zucchini bread is a great way to use that shredded summer squash you loaded in the freezer. You DID shred and freeze surplus squash, right? Recipe link is here..

BTW- Acorn fixed the microphone issue from last week, just a matter of the input source being changed after the computer did a system upgrade- back to the desired settings!

That Florida Run of 2000 brought back all kinds of memories. We have had our share of harsh winters, seems the temps are colder and the precip is markedly less here in the Ozarks than it was back in Boone.

Season 2, Episode #5~ Hay Chores, Wiring, and Marie Kondo-ing

Sparrow at the baby monitor in the dairy barn

Episode 5 for season 2 airs 1/31/2021! Blind Hog and Acorn have been busy- doing this and that…  Hay out for the herds, unpacking stuffs from 15-20 years ago, going through old papers (and bronze sculpture items), rewiring the shops for the new welder and plasma cutter, taking down old light fixtures and putting in LED flood bulbs. Going in a gazillion different directions, but slowly but surely, things are being accomplished.  Acorn is ready to get welding!

Bronze long guns that Blind Hog was going to use in an art installation piece, centered around diners and truck stops. Now these will be door pulls on the two sliding bedroom doors.

Of course, it has been raining. Flood or drought. Welcome to the Ozarks.

Ice cream!!!

Acorn made Blind Hog some “special” ice cream.  If you have a counter-top ice cream maker, you already know how easy it is but perhaps you need to bring it out and give it a go.  Half-and-half, a bit of sugar, cookie crumbs and a splash of brandy.  Need I say more?  Recipe is here

Mr. Wiggles is HUNGRY

Sam interrupted the recording to get his supper.  He can be hard to ignore when he has food on his mind. For some reason the microphones were super sensitive- had to really turn down the gain today.  Will give that a check later on.  Most peculiar…

Season 2, Episode #4~ Welders, Plasma Cutters, and More!

Blind Hog and Acorn took their show to the road, literally, as they recorded the podcast while driving to the big city.  They had their sights set on a portable air compressor that would be big enough to use with the new plasma cutter, and Lowe’s JUST happened to have one 45% off, PLUS and additional 10% off with military discount. SWEET!

Yup,  the farmers purchased a new wire feed welder that uses flux core wire, no cover gas needed, so they can both begin welding all kinds of project and new works of art.  The plasma cutter is not just a toy (says Acorn) but a much needed farm accessory.

Anyway, Blind Hog will have to wire up a couple new receptacle boxes and run a 30A breaker in the box, do the same down in the rock shop. Exciting times.

Blind Hog also recommended the Chocolate Gooey Cake for the recipe of the week.  Click here for the recipe. It is pretty darn tasty. Want the recipe for the overnight rye bread? The slow baking caramelizes the sugars- it is wonderful. Comment below and Acorn will post the recipe!

Chores are done, hay is out.  Tune in and find out about the art project Acorn has in mind.  Something inspired by Jim Dine.

Garden of Eden, Jim Dine