Season 4, Episode #21~ Clipping the Fields and a Sky Burial…

Seed heads getting clipped of the fescue, fields are 2/3 done, if not a smidge more. Old Pi, our oldest cow, died and got toted with as much ceremony as the farmers could muster, up to the Upper 40 to be laid out on the glade. She was a very good cow who was notContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #21~ Clipping the Fields and a Sky Burial…”

Season 4, Episode #20~ Perfect Weather

If only the weather could last longer as it is…  Highs near 70F, lows nice and cool enough to sleep with the windows open and needing a bit of blanket.. Geese and goat kids are growing, garden is putting out asparagus.  Apple trees got a pruning so Blind Hog can ride the new mower underContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #20~ Perfect Weather”

Season 4, Episode #19~ Mower Ins and Outs

Blind Hog and Acorn started off the week by getting a really good deal on a battery powered riding mower, saving $2K off list price, only to find out that yes- it did have a serious problem and so they got it back to Tractor Supply within 24 hrs (almost) for a refund.  Seems itContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #19~ Mower Ins and Outs”

Season 4, Episode #15~ Triplets!

The final kidding of the season happened and wouldn’t you know, TRIPLETS! Momma is a trained professional, and the three should do just fine. Lil’ Honkers are growing and took their first bath today- one was acting just like an adult goose in the water- head down, water up over the back and flapping of wings.Continue reading “Season 4, Episode #15~ Triplets!”

Season 4, Episode #13~ Gooses!!!

Alpha Goose sat on 9 eggs and 8 hatched.  The unhatched egg was a stink bomb, we see this.  Now to see if Bravo and Charlie gooses are ready to incubate their nests or were they just giving Acorn a cruel “April Fool’s” prank when she found both on their nests …  23 eggs inContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #13~ Gooses!!!”

Season 4, Episode #11~ The Oracle Speaks…

Another busy week at the Springfield house, but things are coming along. Blind Hog and Acorn came back to the farm at noon, ate lunch, took a nap and off to evening chores.  Tomorrow is a “stay at the farm day,” so that is sweeeeeet. Goats are growing, geese continue to lay, extra goose eggsContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #11~ The Oracle Speaks…”

Season 4, Episode #10~ Chilly and Wet…

Daffodils might be blooming, but Blind Hog and Acorn are hunkered in this morning, feeding wood to the woodstove.  Baked goods of many kinds being made, but not to have the farmers “baked” themselves- lol… Goats are doing well, Sam is enjoying the egg-bounty while it lasts.  Speaking of eggs, Acorn brought in the goose eggs from the twoContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #10~ Chilly and Wet…”

Season 4, Episode #9~ Farming and Plumbing…

Farm chores have been thankfully under control- goats are doing well, geese are “a-laying…”  Plumbing work at the Springfield house has been an adventure, to say the least… Good news with that is everything will eventually be taken care of…  Eventually… Cold snaps are in the future but moderate temperatures continue for now.  Snow next Saturday? Continue reading “Season 4, Episode #9~ Farming and Plumbing…”

Season 4, Episode #7~ It’s Raining Kids!

Been a busy week on the farm- in contrast to the past few when nothing much was going on.  Acorn has been a busy midwife- finding kids, assisting with towels and blow dryer to dry off kids before they freeze.  This morning’s arrival in 14F temps was no different.  Mostly good outcomes with only oneContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #7~ It’s Raining Kids!”

Season 4, Episode #6~ Kids and Mud Weather

Freeze, thaw, frost, mud…  And kidding resumes on top of everything. Twins born yesterday were very appreciative of the heat lamp last night- temps got down to 16F. Blind Hog and Acorn had a couple days to hunker in while it was raining with flood warnings posted.  Tax return papers to be organized, magazine articlesContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #6~ Kids and Mud Weather”