Season 4, Episode #13~ After the Floods…

5.5+ inches of rain in 48 hours- THAT got the farm right soggy! Goose pens were flooded, needed trenching to divert the drainage but even better news?  The county road held! Blind Hog and Acorn had a productive week at the Springfield house, ready for appliances to be delivered.  They even took a couple daysContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #13~ After the Floods…”

Season 4, Episode #10~ Chilly and Wet…

Daffodils might be blooming, but Blind Hog and Acorn are hunkered in this morning, feeding wood to the woodstove.  Baked goods of many kinds being made, but not to have the farmers “baked” themselves- lol… Goats are doing well, Sam is enjoying the egg-bounty while it lasts.  Speaking of eggs, Acorn brought in the goose eggs from the twoContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #10~ Chilly and Wet…”

Season 4, Episode #5~ 2023 Extracurricular Activities

Blind Hog and Acorn just don’t have enough to do…  They began to look for a house in the Big City to buy, fix up, and rent as a modest investment back in November of last year, and the Badger will be the tenant.  Why pay rent to a stranger when rent can be paidContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #5~ 2023 Extracurricular Activities”

Season 4 Episode #4~ Chores Chores Chores

Snowmageddon avoided, thanks to Cedar Gap splitting the snow as it approached from the Southwest.  SteelMeadow only received just under 4″ whilst areas to the north and south had almost double! Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing the usual farm chores in winter, which means one or two major tasks during the day andContinue reading “Season 4 Episode #4~ Chores Chores Chores”

Season 3, Episode #45~ Polar Express on Christmas Eve

Blind Hog and Acorn got prepared for the winter storm a few days early- no shame there!  After 48+ hrs incarcerated in the dairy barn, goats have begin kidding. Acorn is a tired midwife. Dairy barn has been staying 10+ degrees warmer than outside.  Might not sound like much but when it -8F outside, beingContinue reading “Season 3, Episode #45~ Polar Express on Christmas Eve”

Season 3, Episode #42~ December Already!

Wellllllll, FIFA World Cup has certainly taken the attention of the farmers, and when the mornings are brisk, it is far too easy to toss another log on the fire and delay chores for just a wee bit longer… Cranberries have been processed, geese waddle around and still no goat kids yet. Cows and two calvesContinue reading “Season 3, Episode #42~ December Already!”

Season 3, Episode #41~ Stuffed with Stuffin’ and a Goooooooaaaaaallll!

The holiday week began with cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.  A bit of cooking too, but nothing crazy- was just Blind Hog, Acorn and Baby Badger.  Turkey was cooked a week before, and the few sides were easy peasy. Usual chores continue.  Wire horse panels purchased and cut for the goose pens and barn doorContinue reading “Season 3, Episode #41~ Stuffed with Stuffin’ and a Goooooooaaaaaallll!”

Season 3, Episode #36~ Hurrah for Cell Phone Signal Improvements!

Has been a week of home electronic installation as Blind Hog and Acorn received and installed the new cell phone booster kit and yes, the big test of improved signal reception is apparent- the podcast episode loaded up before this first paragraph was completed!  BOOM!  Just like that! Besides putting up a new 6′ mastContinue reading “Season 3, Episode #36~ Hurrah for Cell Phone Signal Improvements!”

Season 3, Episode #31~Prepping for Holiday

10,000+ steps on Acorn’s Fitbit and she has not really left the house- all that spinning around in circles!  Blind Hog did the pasture walks, mowed the grass, refilled mineral feeders, moved the goats, tended the laying hens. Geese are watching over the pullets. Chores winding down for the day- beans to snap and thenContinue reading “Season 3, Episode #31~Prepping for Holiday”

Season 3, Episode #28~ Back on the Roof

The good news is that the farm received rain, bad news is that there are still a couple leaky spots on the roof but hopefully Blind Hog and Acorn are getting them figured out. A few more forays onto the sheet metal might be needed, but they will see how the next rain is handled.Continue reading “Season 3, Episode #28~ Back on the Roof”