Season 2, Episode #49~More Fencing Fun with Record High Temps!

Phew!  Blind Hog and Acorn have been working like dogs…  Tearing down the Murphy bed that Blind Hog built super well, i.e he glued the joints, to working in the west field in preparation for winter grazing.  All the walking back and forth along the fence lines. A bit of baking first thing this morning-Continue reading “Season 2, Episode #49~More Fencing Fun with Record High Temps!”

Season 2, Episode #47~ Thanksgiving Cleaning

Now that the 200′ underground electric project is competed and 220v is surging from the power pole to the new breaker box in the old goat barn, Blind Hog and Acorn have put their attention to domestic chores- cleaning the house in anticipation of out of state/country guests! Yes, Old Frank is returning and thisContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #47~ Thanksgiving Cleaning”

Season 2, Episode #46~ Blind Hog has a Birthday, Acorn has a Cold…

A very busy week on the farm and nothing will stop the busy farmers… Not even sinus colds or 80th birthdays… Blind Hog has the deed done; electric is in the conduit and in the nice trench, already hooked up to the main power box as well as the new breaker box in the oldContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #46~ Blind Hog has a Birthday, Acorn has a Cold…”

Season 2, Episode #44~Possible Aurora Tonight???

Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing all the usuals- moving the herd, got the last pasture clipped after grazing. Even picking up 8.44″ of rain for the month of October! Crazy! Bees have been getting a bit of thick syrup to top their stores off for the winter. Garden has been cleaned of allContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #44~Possible Aurora Tonight???”

Season 2, Episode #42~ Winter is Coming, Prepare the Wood Stove!

Wood stove is prepped for the upcoming season- flue pipe cleaned, stove vacuumed out, glass windows washed.  Blind Hog rolled in a couple loads of firewood and Acorn will lay the first logs. Blind Hog could talk for a whole show about how much he loves that Hearthstone wood stove- Acorn is surprised he passedContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #42~ Winter is Coming, Prepare the Wood Stove!”

Season 2, Episode #41~ Not Bad, Not Bad…

-Garlic is popping up after a couple weeks post-planting. -A couple heifers are on their way to Kentucky.   -Log splitter quit but was easily repaired by neighbor mechanic Fred (float needle was fouled) and Blind Hog was able to get back into action.  -A bit of rain fell as well,  2 -1/2″ so farContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #41~ Not Bad, Not Bad…”

Season 2, Episode #39~Culture Day!

After a busy week of YET MORE FARM CHORES, Blind Hog and Acorn picked up the Badger in Springfield fora 2 hr drive to Arkansas- destination? The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art! Their 10th birthday retrospective with “collections” as the theme- was very well done. After looking at arts, lunch had to be ‘et…Continue reading “Season 2, Episode #39~Culture Day!”

Season 2, Episode #36~ Labor Day Weekend

Acorn is getting ready to get on a plane, again, and go visit her Mum and Rumi in Houston.  Blind Hog and Sam once again will mind the conn. The past week has been full of the usual chores- laundry, gardening, canning and mowing.  Blind Hog clipped the “south field” so the goats can seeContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #36~ Labor Day Weekend”

Season 2, Episode #34~ Blind Hog and Sam have the Conn for the Weekend

Yes- Acorn is leaving for the weekend for family visit- boarding pass in one hand and a negative ‘rona test result in the other. Blind Hog and Sam will take care of things, and stay out of trouble… Hopefully. Blind Hog promised no tree felling or lumberjacking. Past week has been spent cleaning house, tidyingContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #34~ Blind Hog and Sam have the Conn for the Weekend”

Season 2, Episode #33~ 16 Tons, and Whattaya Get?

Hay is in the barn! 15.6 tons! Acorn can relax now! Was a wild time getting the hay to the barn, but nothing is as easy as it seems. Blind Hog thrives on excitement. Last of the market goats to the salebarn. Garden continues to put forth: Tried out the first of the Cornish crossContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #33~ 16 Tons, and Whattaya Get?”