Season 4, Episode #20~ Perfect Weather

If only the weather could last longer as it is…  Highs near 70F, lows nice and cool enough to sleep with the windows open and needing a bit of blanket.. Geese and goat kids are growing, garden is putting out asparagus.  Apple trees got a pruning so Blind Hog can ride the new mower underContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #20~ Perfect Weather”

Season 4, Episode #14~ Springy Activities

Art museum visit– check… Redbuds blooming– check…Morels popping–  check…Martin gourds up–  check…28°F mornings (?)–  check… Springtime in the Ozarks! Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing the usual chores, extra work on the Springfield house, and even took a day off to visit the art museum in Bentonville.  Acorn is more than ready to do thatContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #14~ Springy Activities”

Season 4, Episode #13~ After the Floods…

5.5+ inches of rain in 48 hours- THAT got the farm right soggy! Goose pens were flooded, needed trenching to divert the drainage but even better news?  The county road held! Blind Hog and Acorn had a productive week at the Springfield house, ready for appliances to be delivered.  They even took a couple daysContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #13~ After the Floods…”

Season 4, Episode #11~ The Oracle Speaks…

Another busy week at the Springfield house, but things are coming along. Blind Hog and Acorn came back to the farm at noon, ate lunch, took a nap and off to evening chores.  Tomorrow is a “stay at the farm day,” so that is sweeeeeet. Goats are growing, geese continue to lay, extra goose eggsContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #11~ The Oracle Speaks…”

Season 4, Episode #10~ Chilly and Wet…

Daffodils might be blooming, but Blind Hog and Acorn are hunkered in this morning, feeding wood to the woodstove.  Baked goods of many kinds being made, but not to have the farmers “baked” themselves- lol… Goats are doing well, Sam is enjoying the egg-bounty while it lasts.  Speaking of eggs, Acorn brought in the goose eggs from the twoContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #10~ Chilly and Wet…”

Season 4, Episode #9~ Farming and Plumbing…

Farm chores have been thankfully under control- goats are doing well, geese are “a-laying…”  Plumbing work at the Springfield house has been an adventure, to say the least… Good news with that is everything will eventually be taken care of…  Eventually… Cold snaps are in the future but moderate temperatures continue for now.  Snow next Saturday? Continue reading “Season 4, Episode #9~ Farming and Plumbing…”

Season 4, Episode #7~ It’s Raining Kids!

Been a busy week on the farm- in contrast to the past few when nothing much was going on.  Acorn has been a busy midwife- finding kids, assisting with towels and blow dryer to dry off kids before they freeze.  This morning’s arrival in 14F temps was no different.  Mostly good outcomes with only oneContinue reading “Season 4, Episode #7~ It’s Raining Kids!”

Season 4 Episode #4~ Chores Chores Chores

Snowmageddon avoided, thanks to Cedar Gap splitting the snow as it approached from the Southwest.  SteelMeadow only received just under 4″ whilst areas to the north and south had almost double! Blind Hog and Acorn have been doing the usual farm chores in winter, which means one or two major tasks during the day andContinue reading “Season 4 Episode #4~ Chores Chores Chores”

Season 3, Episode #46~Happy New Year’s Eve

Goats are doing well and the old cows didn’t seem to be overly concerned. Dam got to spend a few nights inside and was a very good boy. Blind Hog and Acorn survived the near record lows followed by record highs as kidding continues. Seven more days for this first wave of kidding. Onwards toContinue reading “Season 3, Episode #46~Happy New Year’s Eve”

Season 3, Episode #44~ Goats will be Goats

Ain’t telling a goat what to do, that is for sure.  No kids yet! Blind Hog and Acorn are still making cold weather preparations.  Closed in the north gable end of the old goat barn- Acorn maintains she is NOT a hoarder, as that stack of old rusty sheet metal has come in handy for moreContinue reading “Season 3, Episode #44~ Goats will be Goats”