Season 4, Episode #15~ Triplets!

The final kidding of the season happened and wouldn’t you know, TRIPLETS! Momma is a trained professional, and the three should do just fine. Lil’ Honkers are growing and took their first bath today- one was acting just like an adult goose in the water- head down, water up over the back and flapping of wings.Continue reading “Season 4, Episode #15~ Triplets!”

Season 2, Episode #32~ Another Fun Week on the Farm

Broilers all processed and shrink bagged. New Goat Plan underway. Mechanic work completed on the F350 (still needs a bit of parking brake work) and the 17 yr old riding mower has been resurrected once again.  Garden, cows, goats; yada yada yada… Selling goats, buying goats and buying hay. What comes in, must go out.Continue reading “Season 2, Episode #32~ Another Fun Week on the Farm”

Season 2, Episode #31~ Acorn Made a List!

Yes, Acorn made a list of most of the things accomplished to talk about for the podcast. She did leave off filling 350 lbs of mineral mix into all the livestock feeders.  They had the mill put the mix in 25 lb bags instead of the 50 lb. bags Blind Hog was carrying when theContinue reading “Season 2, Episode #31~ Acorn Made a List!”