Come visit Blind Hog and Acorn on the farm and take a break from the stress of current events. You will find out things you never thought you needed to know about farm life, living in the Ozarks, animal husbandry and self-sufficient living. Well, almost self-sufficient..

Season 3, Episode #15~ What Day is It? Blind Hog and Acorn

Acorn has had four trips to Florida since February, and with only two nights at home between trips #3 and 4, she is more than a bit unsure of the calendar. But alas, farm life is definitely a routine that provides muscle memory, and back into the usual tasks she went.Apple trees are loaded with blossoms, Asian pear also looked really good.  Garden and yard were both mowed.  Time to plant some veggies in the dirt!Pi's bull calf is doing well.the other three cows will begin calving in another week and a half. Blind Hog set out the humming bird feeders and plopped some grape jelly in the special dish for the orioles.  He even hoisted Acorn up in the sky to hang the martin gourds and the purple martins are most appreciative.Acorn needs to bake up some things for Blind Hog- a Bundt cake, brownies, cookie dough and a loaf of bread before she leaves again, like in 5 days.
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