Come visit Blind Hog and Acorn on the farm and take a break from the stress of current events. You will find out things you never thought you needed to know about farm life, living in the Ozarks, animal husbandry and self-sufficient living. Well, almost self-sufficient..

Season 4, Episode #21~ Clipping the Fields and a Sky Burial Blind Hog and Acorn

Seed heads getting clipped of the fescue, fields are 2/3 done, if not a smidge more.Old Pi, our oldest cow, died and got toted with as much ceremony as the farmers could muster, up to the Upper 40 to be laid out on the glade. She was a very good cow who was not trouble at all.  Never sick, always had a good calf.Bucklings were taken to market, will see what they bring but prices have dropped a bit.Acorn has to wean the other goat kids now, spray the goats with permethrin spray against the onslaught of ticks. That will be fun fun fun…Have a great weekend and don't work too hard.  Blind Hog and Acorn promise to relax a little bit.
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