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Season 2, Episode #30~ Not Today, Heat Stroke… Not Today… Blind Hog and Acorn

Starting to sort through and "work" goats at 10 am was about 3 hrs too late…  Blind Hog and Acorn both had to have a sit down before the task was completed.  It was the high, high humidity that was the culprit.  Nonetheless, the intrepid farmers soldiered on and goats got worked.  Ten adult goats went on the trailer the next day and the herd production average is thus improved. Twenty-one kids are now finishing out- on their own field and will receive sweet feed to keep them growing.Cabbages cut, kraut fermentation in the process. Three half-gallon jars will be repacked into several 12 oz. tall jelly jars- the perfect size for us.  No further processing, will keep it in the fridge and keep the microbes alive.Blondies.  With English walnuts and craisins.  Double the ACV (apple cider vinegar).  Just like eating chess pie or buttermilk pie in little bites.Blind Hog and Acorn forgot to mention the chanterelle mushroom bonanza, as well as the great news about the bee hives..  Going to have to wait till next week for that! 
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