Come visit Blind Hog and Acorn on the farm and take a break from the stress of current events. You will find out things you never thought you needed to know about farm life, living in the Ozarks, animal husbandry and self-sufficient living. Well, almost self-sufficient..

Season 4 Episode #12~ After the Floods Blind Hog and Acorn

5.5+ inches of rain in 48 hours- THAT got the farm right soggy!Goose pens were flooded, needed trenching to divert the drainage but even better news?  The county road held!Blind Hog and Acorn had a productive week at the Springfield house, ready for appliances to be delivered.  They even took a couple days off to stay at the farm.  Well, ok- they HAD to stay due to the rains but it was a nice change of pace!
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