Come visit Blind Hog and Acorn on the farm and take a break from the stress of current events. You will find out things you never thought you needed to know about farm life, living in the Ozarks, animal husbandry and self-sufficient living. Well, almost self-sufficient..

Episode #6~ Geology and Gardening Blind Hog and Acorn

What is the deal with rain this year? From deluge to drought! Visit with Acorn as she gives her version of the geologic formation of the Ozarks, describes what is going on in the garden, and shares her experiment using the tops from the Brussels sprouts (yes- you ARE supposed to prune them!).Check out the website http://www.blindhogandacorn.com and click on the post for Episode 6.  There you will find the links to CoCoRaHS and the kimchee recipe.The Badger also pulls a hat trick, leaving Acorn in stitches. Enjoy!
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