Come visit Blind Hog and Acorn on the farm and take a break from the stress of current events. You will find out things you never thought you needed to know about farm life, living in the Ozarks, animal husbandry and self-sufficient living. Well, almost self-sufficient..

Season 2, Episode #23~ Mannish Water Blind Hog and Acorn

Busy week on the farm PLUS a Farm Guest!  Dr. Frank Pinkerton, nigh on 93 yrs old, drove himself to Missouri to visit a goat farm in the making, speak at a conference/show/sale in Sedalia, as well as spend a few "leisurely days" here at the farm,  and yes- he did make it back home safe and sound!Listening to his chat with us you will learn all sorts of things you may and may not want to think about.  Apparently "Mannish Water" is the Jamaican version of Viagra… Frank will discuss the ingredients…Had a great time with him this week and hope he will be back soon- he generally averages two or three visits to the farm a year and last year's Covid lock down put a big hurt on his traveling.After his visit, Blind Hog and Acorn got back to chores- all the usual farmy things plus they  sold 5 of the 6 goslings.  Ethel is due to hatch her clutch this time next week,  IF she has any that will hatch that is.  Pilgrims are not the most efficient reproducers of the goose world.
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