Season 2, Episode #39~Culture Day!

After a busy week of YET MORE FARM CHORES, Blind Hog and Acorn picked up the Badger in Springfield fora 2 hr drive to Arkansas- destination? The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art! Their 10th birthday retrospective with “collections” as the theme- was very well done.

After looking at arts, lunch had to be ‘et… Blind Hog, Acorn and the Badger had a great table while awaiting the day’s special- prime rib sliders with gouda and chef-made horseradish mayo… And maybe a pint as well to wash it all down with…

Blind Hog took down three large dead trees that were on the side of the hill along the driveway. They are all chunked into 6′ lengths for him to cut further and split. Mr Woodchuck keeps chucking that wood! Blind Hog tried out the hot tub after the repair guy did his magic and lo! It still relaxes after 15 years!

Acorn has been at the grounds with her string trimmer as her shoulders can attest. She is also working on continuing education credits for her super secret project- a new business she hopes will be ready to go live at the first of the year.

The delivery of the eight new barn cats/kittens has been delayed till next week. Just in case you have been wondering…

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