Season 3, Episode #29~ Goats In, Goats Out

This week the farm brought in 4 adult Spanish nannies, one who was born on the farm 5 years ago. These were the last four goats of folks who started with SteelMeadow goats and got their herd up to 40, but they have decided to focus on cattle and making hay. The goats are calm, healthy, and will make great additions.

To end the week, Acorn sold the two Flappy sisters who were not suited as commercial, range goats- these two need to be pets.  Happily, a couple from 2 hrs away needed companions for their two little goats, so the Flappy Sisters lucked out big time.

Major roof issue discovered in the workshop- going to take a bit of engineering though to figure it out. A roof purlin has rotted out but only where some screws have been loose for 15 years or is it a condensation-drainage issue? Will have to find out more when it next rains.

Speaking of rain, the farm has received over 3.5″ of rain this month!  Pastures are greening up!

Old Frank and Brian are coming back tomorrow, their last visit was Thanksgiving. Fun times ahead!

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