Season 2, Episode #37~ So That is Where the Bees Went…

Ahh yes, the agony of the late summer swarm.  NOW Acorn knows where the bees came from when she saw them in the bee tree behind the mailbox a few weeks ago… Oh well, it happens.

Blind Hog has had good luck with the tractors- Mahindra had a minor issue but neighbor Fred found the shorted out wire off the starter.  Massey Fergus in running like a champ with the new carburetor.

Goats are moved back in with the cows, fields ready for Fall rains. Garden is cycling around and the geese have been granted “yard privileges…”  They just LOVE hanging out with Blind Hog and Acorn…  Seriously- they are like right there whenever outdoor chores are going on. Who knew geese would be so curious?

Acorn made up a new batch of sourdough starter from her own apples but since that was not ready, she opted for spelt pancakes.  No milk?  Why, use cocoa mix for chocolate waffles.  11/10- highly recommend.

Texas was a blast- good food (Ribs! Chicken soup!), fun at the Bucky’s carwash… And MORE!

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