Season 3, Episode #6~ Acorn Leaves for a Week

Blind Hog got to do all the chores by himself for a whole week, timed perfectly with The Big Snow  while Acorn was down in Florida!  Florida??!! Not exactly a vacation but a “rescue” of sorts- getting her dad out of ICU and into hospice where he was able to have a peaceful end.

It was go go go for all concerned; crazy schedules, lack of sleep, emotional rollercoasters.  The PSA take home message is that it is never to late to write up your medical Living Will, DNR wishes, even a legal will:  (You are welcome).

Acorn slept after lunch today, burned up a pot that was boiling down sap.  It happens.  That is one 8 ounce jar of syrup that was lost, plus the 3 gallon pot.


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